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Our skilled team uses the latest medical grade technology to guarantee the best results.

From LASER LIPOLYSIS to EMS-BODY SCULPTING and RADIO FREQUENCY MICRONEEDLING to SKIN LIGHTENING, our Scalp and Body Treatment services offer comfortable ensured beauty.

Body Treatments

Venus Bliss uses patented diode laser technology to break down and destroy fat cells in a process known as lipolysis. This treatment is an effortless, non-surgical solution for melting unwanted body fat in a short amount of time. The diode laser technology and radio frequencies combat hard-to-beat fat, reduce cellulite, and create a leaner appearance comfortably without the downtime, a more invasive procedure would require. Safe and quick, these treatments can be done in 15-30 minute sessions.
The Sculptique is a non-invasive body sculpting machine which performs treatments using HI-EMS technology to stimulate the body’s muscles. The Sculptique stimulates high-frequency muscle contractions, promoting fast muscle growth. These fast contractions force your muscles to adapt to intense exercise, allowing them to grow and become more toned.
Tighten your skin with Venus Legacy. Powered by multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic field technology, get instant results with no downtime. This treatment helps in circumferential reduction, lax skin minimization, wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, and contouring without surgery. Treatment areas include the eyes, face, neck, arms, dorsal rolls, abdomen, flanks, buttocks, & thighs.
Collagen induction therapy (CIT) micro-needling is one of the most successful in combating scars, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, and signs of aging. Micro-needling is a form of non-ablative skin regeneration therapy. This treatment kick starts the skin to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin whilst simultaneously deeply infusing serums to help combat specific skin concerns on the body.
Based on organic acids, receive instantly radiant skin or stimulate extreme cellular renewal in 50 minutes with our medical professional chemical peeling systems almost anywhere on the body.
Multi-trepannic collagen actuation (MCA) scar relaxation causes minor controlled trauma to textured and discoloured scarred areas from procedures, injuries, and burns. This treatment helps even out skin tone, loosen tight scars, bring feeling back to areas of scar numbness, and flatten out and reduce the visibility of raised scars.
Many factors may contribute to areas of our body darkening to an unwanted shade. Let us help you reach your aesthetic goal by offering skin lightening services done with the dual action of our carbon laser treatment and bryghtening vegan solutions system.
HydraFacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection SIMULTANEOUSLY. Gain clearer, more beautiful skin at no downtime. Completely customized to your skin concern with super serums, manual extractions and a custom mask, you will feel more confident about your body.
OxyGeneo harnesses the Bohr Effect to oxygenate the skin from within the body! Breakthrough technology provides superior results by treating the skin at a deeper level. Exfoliate, oxygenate, and nourish your way to clearer skin with oxypods specific to your skin concern (firming, detoxification, rejuvenation, hydration, balancing, illuminating).

Hair Regrowth/Scalp Treatments

  • Get to the root of scalp health with a relaxing HydraFacial-Keravive detox.

  • This treatment cleanses, exfoliates, stimulates, and nourishes with a proprietary blend of growth factors and proteins.

  • Get rid of unwanted build up and gain a happy scalp with healthier hair.

  • This service can also be performed in the beard to help you wear your facial hair with confidence.
  • Revitalize the scalp with a deep infusion of scalp stimulating growth factors.

  • Clients can confidently grow back their hair without the downtime or expense of a hair transplant.
  • Do you have thinning hair and are looking to fill in the spots?

  • SMP is where we deposit semi-permanent pigment into the scalp to replicate the appearance of hair follicles.

  • Instantly conceal the scalp by making it seem like you have a thicker set of hair.

  • This service can also be performed in the beard to help you feel confident about your facial hair.
  • Preparing For Your Scalp Treatment

    What to Expect Before & After Your Scalp Treatment

    You may not use acne medication (accutane, 6 months; tetracycline, 3 months) before the procedure.

    If you’ve ever had a keloid, are prone to keloids, or have a keloid, there is a probability you will develop more keloids. Please give us a call to discuss if we can safely commence with the procedure.

    Skinholic Aesthetics & Laser asks clients to wash and dry their hair the night before the appointment.

    It is requested clients bring their personal hair brush to the appointment.

    There can be extensive traffic delays around our location. Please try to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This can ensure you are not deprived of valuable service time & avoid no show fees.

    After the procedure, it is best not to wet the area for a MINIMUM of 24hrs (48hrs is best).

    Avoid the use of hats for 24hrs following the treatment (48hrs is best).

    No direct sun exposure, sauna, steam, exercise (sweating), jacuzzi, or swimming for 1 week post- procedure. (Applicable to micro-needling/pigmentation treatments.)

    If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

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